Why we developed the Joined-Up-Marketing Hub

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback since our launch of the CleverTouch Joined-Up-Marketing Hub last week at TFMA.

Here are just some of the reasons we developed it:

1. In some instances Marketing Automation reporting is not ideal or as comprehensive as some BI tools, such as Cognos or Qlikview. With the CT Hub, knowledge workers in enterprise organisations can integrate data with other sources, and use existing report formats and skills for richer reporting and data modelling
2. Enterprise accounts want to link Eloqua or other platforms into their existing infrastructure for joined-up reporting
3. It really supports the Eloqua ‘connectors’ initiative, of which we are pioneers
4. There is no one tool that does everything and marketers want to integrate multiple digital tools and platforms into one architecture

Our view of the world is that marketing needs an infrastructure and a joined-up approach, and that seems to be resonating at last.

March 9th, 2011 by Adam Sharp

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