Team Hootsuite or Team Tweetdeck?

We are often asked, “What is the best social media channel to use” and “What monitoring tool should be used to listen to and respond to what is being said”? The answer is the same as with any other task you undertake, you often need more than one tool for the job and it’s the same with social media.

With over 140 million Tweets being sent every day there will always be something new to talk about and it can be hard managing multiple accounts and following various conversations, topics or hash tags (#). Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are applications that allow you to manage your different social media accounts, monitor coverage, schedule updates and create individual search streams to keep track of various keywords, #, users and types of content.

We like Hootsuite because:

  • The integration shortens links and can be used to monitor what you share
  • It is web based so its responsive and if you’re a mobile / multi-location worker you can log in from anywhere
  • Tweets can pre-scheduled (Tweetdeck also has this function, but your computer needs to be running for it to function) and are saved on a calendar for a retrospective overview
  • It has the ability to look at a number of metrics around your twitter account, including which tweeted links were most popular, follower growth by time, and so on
  • You can move seamlessly between different social media profiles including Facebook and LinkedIn
  • It allows you to search and view other profiles to see their Twitter and Klout credentials
  • You can set up a dashboard for each social media ID and switch between multiple accounts so you never miss a tweet

We think Tweetdeck is great for:

  • Individuals who are at their desk
  • Seeing who has recently started to follow you in its dedicated ‘followers’ column
  • Having up to date real-time tweet updates
  • Setting up search streams and responding directly to Tweets all from one dashboard
  • Alerts so that Tweets pop up in the corner of your screen at intervals so even while you are not actively looking at Twitter you can keep to date with what is going on
  • Sending an update to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profile

We also keep a number of other monitoring tools in our social media tool box including Radian6, Klout, Peer Index and Social Mention. We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing what you, as individuals or agencies, have in your social media toolbox.

December 7th, 2011 by Thea Hickman

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Category: Marketing, PR & social media

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  1. Mark says:

    So stick your neck out, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck? It’s Hootsuite for me every time, much easier, much better tools.

    Radian6 is good and has a engagement tool, but very expensive. As a listening tool I like Sysomos, ever tried that out?

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