Takeaways from TFM&A 2011

Two days TFMA-ing and we are back at the office to reflect and review. Results and ROI remain to be reaped but here are three headlines we took from the show as we crawled our way home last night and out of our beds this morning.

1.   Social, social, social. Whatever the company, the new product launches were about how those applications could be shared across social media channels. New divisions springing up to answer the demands created the emergence of social media.

2.   Students, students, students. Too many. Enough said (take note TFMA organisers). Most of them on the trail to learn more about point 1. It is great that they are embracing technology and marketing as they embark on their careers, but TFMA needs to get more enterprise attendees along too.

3.   Email is not dead – in fact it is very much alive. However there were a disproportionate number of email providers which frankly are doing marketers a disservice, with their siloed approach, encouraging more ‘spreadsheet marketing’. Fortunately it was good to see Pardot, Silverpop, Neolane and Eloqua there: these are the guys taking marketers down the right path with their more integrated approach.

Otherwise my observation is that social really comes to the fore when you combine it with ‘social’ in the traditional sense. The combination of f2f meeting, tweeting, hooking up and then re-sharing content really helps momentum-building. This was very much the case in point with the launch of our Joined-Up-Marketing Hub, developed to provide a single view of marketing automation, CRM, social media, email, and analytics environments.

The interest we received has been fantastic and we have already received 2 enquiries from the US.

Finally if you were one of those show attendees left out in the cold for the Search and Social Media Studio presentations which were massively oversubscribed, please feel free to download our presentation here.

‘Social Media: how to move your customer acquisition strategy from email spamming to more subtle forms of engagement for increased marketing success’.

March 3rd, 2011 by Ilona Hitel

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  1. Ben says:

    Very good post, point 2 annoyed me particularly, as a 21 year old visitor as I think a lot of companies thought I was a student and thus were reluctant to spend much time talking to me, still, their loss!

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