Citizen Sharp explains the CleverTouch approach to CSR

Those who are regular readers of this blog may remember last year CleverTouch Group MD, Adam Sharp shared his view on the purpose of the company and how that now resonates in CleverTouch’s newly defined purpose statement. In this blog post, Adam explains how we have moved from having a purpose to defining a citizenship policy within CleverTouch and how this is helping to shape our company culture.

“Just being nice, honest (even green) with good professional values is no longer enough. Carbon Offsetting will make you feel good but on its own has little impact.  Businesses today need a little more, they need a purpose but they need some substance too.

With this in mind we started researching how we could build a company culture and values that could give us purpose, but also impact positively on our various stakeholders;  customers, employees, partners, the local community and our families. We have a saying here, family first, but customers a close second – we think this is also a more honest approach.

As part of this, we came across a Sustainability Manager at a financial company, who recently received a Masters (with Distinction) in Sustainability, he lives in Alresford our home village. He spared some of his time to give us advice and direction on how to build our own sustainable policy – which we call our Citizenship Policy.

We presented the concept to our employees and very quickly we got enough volunteers to work on our citizenship initiative.  This citizenship team meets monthly and I am delighted to say that in a company of little over 30 employees our citizenship team boasts eight members. Rather than overkill we see this as important to our company DNA, and if more members wanted to join the team that would be encouraged.

Around the same as we started this initiative I was lucky enough to hear Kate Robertson, UK Group Chairman of Euro RSCG Worldwide’s inspirational speech at the annual IDM conference, in it she constantly referenced her Global Chairman, David Jones and his book, Who Cares Wins, a stunning book whose timing was so prescient after all the financial debacles of recent years.

The citizenship group also launches and develops new ideas too. One is EDventures, which will be a platform where we invest in bright new people or complementary businesses in an effort to build a stronger IP network but also to give something back through platforms such as Funding Circle or Lend with Care and our annual charity initiatives.

We are delighted to share our citizenship policy, we have asked everyone in the business to sign up to it, just as they sign up to their contract of employment. It is how we want people to behave and treat each other and we want this embedded in our DNA.  We are secular, but aren’t extremists in any way, we just think businesses need a bigger heart, and if you do some good then the karma kicks in! It is all part of our get rich slowly plan.”

If you like our policy and can use it, please plagiarise it. If we could improve it please let us know. We are sure it will evolve as we evolve our business. And, if you agree with our values please take a look at our careers page, we might just have a role that might excite you.


January 30th, 2013 by Adam Sharp

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  1. Jon Brewer says:

    Thanks for sharing, Adam. I think you’re one of the leaders and that this is a movement that I hope and believe will keep rolling for some time yet. Secular is ok, but I’ll still say ‘amen’. :-)

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